He Just Smiled and Gave me a Vegemite Sandwich

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Well, here I am!  Down under!  I booked a last minute flight one sunny tuesday afternoon in Bangkok, and left two days later.  Thursday night, I got into my last crazy cab (we agreed on meter, but the whole time he kept trying to get more money off of me, as well as marry me, as well as make me talk to his American friend on his celly) and he got me safely, with plenty of time to spare, to the Bangkok international airport.  I met a few aussies while boarding the carrier and luckily I was seated next to an adorable, Brad Pitt look alike aussie.  I had a laptop, he had heaps of burned movies from Thailand, put my newest tofu in the middle, and you’ve got yourself a decent movie time.

Lookin Down Under...the wing

I arrived in Melbourne and had to run like a mad woman around the unfamiliar airport trying to get my connecting flight.  I made it with 10 minutes to spare.  Phew!  And the guy on the plane gave me three apples!!  And they tasted so good!

The Sydney airport was a bit of a mess… why do I always forget to exchange my money before hand?!  The place wanted to charge me ten dollars for a travellers cheque!!  Can you believe that madness?!  Luckily they exchanged my remaining Baht and I had enough money to telephone Rich (of Rich and Tom from Thailand) and get a shuttle bus out there way.

There house is amazing and full of the most interesting characters!  Five boys, two girls, two couples, four English, one Kiwi, one Austrian and one Australian.  They are all really nice and remind me of my times at Alice St with the crew.  They have family dinners (which are always incredibly extravagant) and drink together on old couches in the yard.  Feels like being back in Uni… just as poor, just as drunk :).  Actually, one of the roomates, Lyndon,I had met in Laos one night a few months back.  Small world.

I was supposed to leave on a plane to Cairns to go see Leah and Natalie early Tuesday morning (you can already smell trouble can’t you?  No one is “supposed” to catch a plane… you have to catch a plane, and if you don’t, you’re an effing knob.)

We went out for one last meal, the restaurant was sporting a little BYO so we BYO’d a bottle of wine… a box of wine later (that was after the bottle… and some beers… you see it all going downhill don’t you?  Effing hell… retrospect…)  we called a cab company to come get me in a few hours.  It was due to pick me up at four am.  I held onto Andy’s phone and decided to shut my eyes for an hour… Yep, I had one hour to go and I decided to shut my eyes, typical.

I get a lovely knock on the door and I wake up with a start.  First bad sign:sun is shinning brightly.  Second bad sign: the phone in my hand says, one missed message. I know what that stupid soundless message is gonna say.  YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE.

Actually what it says is that “You’re an asshole that has just missed her taxi ‘wake up call’ , her ride to the airport and therefore, her flight.  Sucka’.” Yah well, screw you too.

Andy helped me call the airline, since I was busy throwing the ef word around like a sailor (I’m not actually sure if sailors swear a lot, but I’m gonna use the expression anyway) and stomping my feet three year old style.  I stopped briefly and was handed the phone.  “Yah sure, we can put you on a flight at ten am…for four hundred dollars.”  Piss off.

We hung up, as the fact that I had forfited my ticket was not going to change.  Andy grabbed my hand and said “Fuck it, why do you want to go to Cairns anyway?  I’ll show you why you wanna stay in Sydney.”  That being said, still in last nights clothing and red wine stained lips, barefoot and bleary eyed, we walked down to the beach.  He bought me an espresso and Andy told me stories about his childhood, and how he’s friends with Pete Doherty, even has his number in his phonebook.  So cool.  We met these crazy coked out Hungarians, went and got another coffee and after enough views of the beach, the ocean, the waves, the beautiful sunrise, keen joggers and surfers, we headed back to the house to paint some pictures in the backyard and have some beer.  The plane flight was almost out of my mind.

After a quick nap, I joined Andy and Simon’s drunken 12 pm talk in the living room.  Simon agreed that I was not “meant” to go to Cairns.  After forced tequila shots (what?), I got ready for mine and Andy’s day out.  Since he was drunk, it was up to me to drive his super rad car, an old 70’s Kingswood.  Probably not the best choice since I had had no sleep and they drive on the wrong side of the road (or as the Brits would say: the right side) and I hadn’t driven in a year and a half… maybe longer.  Andy insists that I’m the best driver though, so I couldn’t have been that bad (yes, I always take the word of people that are drunk before four o’clock; if you can’t trust them, who can you trust?).

We went to pick up a video of his wedding (don’t ask) and then for a very scenic drive of the beautiful city of Sydney.  We then got beers and baked rolls filled with Vegemite (the popular salty Australian spread–it’s no peanut butter) and headed to the beach for yet another fabulous view.  We watched sea planes fly in, birds fly by and talked shit about Cairns.

Andy and I

We finished off the day by picking up a 2/4 on the way home and drinking beers with the rest of the roomates.

So yah, so far I’m liking Australia 🙂


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